Trust Talks Future of Policing forum, Neighborhood Council elections

From downtown los angeles: This is the City, a podcast focusing on the politics, art and culture of Los Angeles.

This week we meet Brett Shears a neighborhood council expert who sheds some light on the history of councils and what challenges a newly seated DLANC board may face. Also we join the Trust Talks Forum on the future of policing in downtown. An event that is part of a continuing conversation seeking to increase trust between the community and our police partners. Though not everything went as expected this time…

LA Historic Theater Foundation, Trust Talks 3

From Downtown Los Angeles, This is the city

This week Escott Norton of the Los Angeles Historic Theater foundation joins to talk about their work and initiative “new broadway LA “

Also, we speak again with Delonte Gholston of the downtown clergy council about the upcoming installment of Trust Talks, a true dialogue in community building


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Episode 35: LA Historic Theater Foundation, Trust Talks 3


With all the attention paid to the historic theaters during Night On Broadway we sat down with Escott Norton, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Historic Theater Foundation. Founded in 1987 the non-profit volunteer driven foundation focuses on the protection, preservation, and restoration of historic theaters around Los Angeles. Their current effort, New Broadway Los Angeles, is designed to identify and draw the crowds who can support a resurgence of these architectural treasures to their former glory.

The Downtown Clergy Council organizes a roundtable discussion known as Trust Talks. Here, community stakeholders from many different walks of life participate in a facilitated dialogue about the challenges we face as a neighborhood and in someways as a nation. Members of the LAPD, elected officials staff, business owners and residents exchange stories and feelings in a safe and open way. Delonte Gholston is a pastor and one of the lead organizers on the project. The next Trust Talks event takes place Feb. 27th, from 10a-1p at Centenary United Methodist Church 300 S Central Ave Los Angeles.


Tom Gilmore, DTLA Trust Talks

This week we meet Tom Gilmore of Gilmore Associates one of the pioneering developers in downtown. Also Trust Talks are a way to engage the community of DTLA and we speak with Delonte of the Downtown Clergy Council about the upcoming agenda.


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