Trust Talks Future of Policing forum, Neighborhood Council elections

From downtown los angeles: This is the City, a podcast focusing on the politics, art and culture of Los Angeles.

This week we meet Brett Shears a neighborhood council expert who sheds some light on the history of councils and what challenges a newly seated DLANC board may face. Also we join the Trust Talks Forum on the future of policing in downtown. An event that is part of a continuing conversation seeking to increase trust between the community and our police partners. Though not everything went as expected this time…

Downtown’s International Boarding School, Katherine McNenny LA Pioneer Woman

This week we speak downtown resident and co-founder of Industrial District Green Katherine McNenny about her organisation and her work on skid row

Also we speak to Dr. Gary Woods head of school at the american preparatory university or AUP an international boarding school based in downtown LA


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Downtown Women’s Center, On Skid Row with LAPD

This week we talk to Sylvia Rosenberger chief executive officer at the Downtown Women’s Center. Also we wrap up our series from the LAPD Central Division police academy on a skid row tour with officer Deon Joseph.



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