Street Art Special: WRDSMTH, Skid Robot

From downtown los angeles: This is the City, a podcast focusing on the politics, art and culture of Los Angeles. I’m your host Gerren Kelsaw. This week we take time to chat with some of LA’s busiest street artists. The juxtaposition of art and the struggle of homelessness garnered worldwide attention for Skid Robot who uses his art as a means to shine a light on the struggles of people everyday in the streets of LA. Also from electrical boxes to getting up on walls WrdSmth’s inspiring messages can be seen all over the city. We chat with the thought provoking artist about what inspires him to do what he does.


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Episode 46: WRDSMTH, Skid Robot



Street art’s ubiquitous influence on the texture of neighborhoods in Los Angeles is built on a long local history. This week explore the worlds of two Los Angeles artists whose expressive art has garnered incredible attention.

See their instagrams below:






Carmen Zella Do Art Foundation, Jill Stewart Neighborhood Integrity Initiative

From downtown los angeles: This is the City, a podcast focusing on the politics, art and culture of Los Angeles.

This week we meet Carmen Zella founder and executive director of Do Art foundation. A non profit that focuses on developing public art projects in Southern California

Also we’ll chat with Jill Stewart Campaign director of the neighborhood integrity initiative. The proposed measure headed for the March 2017 ballot is designed to halt what they call corrupt development practices at City Hall.

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Episode 40: Carmen Zella Do Art Foundation, Jill Stewart Neighborhood Integrity Initiative


The Do Art Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on the creation, commissioning, and curating of artistic pieces and productions in the public realm. Their belief that access to art is not an exclusive privilege drives the effort to create cultural collaboration between communities. Carmen Zella the founder and executive director is a interdisciplinary artist in her own right, having shown work throughout North America and Mexico. In only four years under her direction, the Do Art Foundation has grown to be on of the most active public art organizations in Los Angeles. Their work can be seen throughout Los Angeles, but its particularly present in the murals around Downtown LA.


The Neighborhood integrity initiative is a controversial ballot measure proposed for the March 2017 Ballot in the city of Los Angeles. The campaign’s director, Jill Stewart, left her post as Managing Editor at LA weekly to lead the effort to end what they call corruption at city hall, especially in their relationships with developers seeking to change the face of neighborhoods in Los Angeles.  Originally the measure was aimed at the November 2016 election but organizers of the initiative opted to move to March feeling that the presidential campaign would overshadow the conversation. They hope to turn the March election into a referendum on development as eight council seats, and the mayor will be seeking to win voters favor. You can find out more on their website

Artist Annika Connor, Luke Klipp of Greater LA

This week we meet artist Annika Connor who will be at General Assembly DTLA for a creative talk about art, entrepreneurship and the digital age

Also we’ll chat with Luke Klipp founder of Greater LA an organizing arm to battle the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative being proposed for the November ballot.


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Episode 39: Artist Annika Connor, Luke Klipp of Greater LA


Annika Connor is a Brooklyn based artist, publisher and advocate for the art community. Her recent work Point Suite, a curated collection of contemporary art in that classic coffee table format. Annika will be holding a free creative talk at General Assembly in Downtown LA.


You can register for the FREE talk here or if you can’t attend you can get your copy of Point Suite online


Luke Klipp is the founder of Greater LA a organizing arm opposed to the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative  put forth by the Coalition to Preserve LA.

826LA, break bread with Think Tank Gallery

This week we visit the non-profit tutoring center at 826LA and we meet with Jacob and Patrick of Think Tank Gallery who are in the midst of a huge show from Scott Hove and Baker’s Son called #breakbread

*note there is some occasional strong language in the Think Tank interview

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Episode 37: 826LA, break bread with Think Tank Gallery



826LA is the non-profit writing and tutoring program nestled among many storefronts on Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park. While the unassuming front known as “The Time Travel Mart” is full of fun and silly gifts, some even made by the students, the brains of the operation definitely are grinding away in the back. In the case of 826LA, thousands of children from ages 6-18 visit each year in after-school tutoring, workshops, and field trips. The volunteer driven program makes an undeniable difference in children’s lives.


826LA in Echo Park(map)
and the Time Travel Mart
1714 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 413-3388



Think Tank Gallery is not pure event space, or pure art gallery. It is an immersive experience that gives you a bit of both worlds. Their current show BreakBread from artists Scott Hove and Baker’s Son is slated for 30 different events during the days of its run. Including a special performance from Cirque Du Soleil coming soon.