Eat! Drink! at Border Grill

With a location that doubles as an almost literal cornerstone of DTLA, Border Grill provides high quality Mexican food from famous chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger. Accompanying their dishes is a finely sourced and crafted tequila driven bar program. We hang out with Steve Moreno long time bartender and overall nice guy to hear the story.



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Eat! Drink! at Artisan House

Artisan house is located inside the historic Pacific Electric Building in downtown Los Angeles. This restaurant, bar, and market features finely crafted cocktails, delicious food and a cold deli with salads and sandwiches to go.



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Eat! Drink! Horse Thief BBQ, The Oyster Gourmet

Grand Central Market is known to house some amazing food stalls, and its dynamic growth and change over the past few years has made it a foodies dream come to life. We take a moment to visit a couple of the newer establishments and share their focus on good food in the heart of downtown.


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Eat! Drink! at Golden Gopher

The Golden Gopher has one of Los Angeles oldest liquor licenses having been established under the same name in 1905. Currently owned an operated by 213 Hospitality, a leader in downtown nightlife, the Golden Gopher is a welcoming hang out for downtown residents and visitors alike. As an added bonus the liquor to go option sets the Gopher apart from any other bar you’ll find in LA.

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Eat! Drink! at The Escondite

The Escondite (hideout) is at San Pedro and Boyd streets in Downtown LA. Brian Traynam provides a rich food menu with burgers and sandwiches that explore flavors that appeal to a wide range of palates. While the deliciously boozy bar program delivered by Erin Carnes focuses on cocktails that can be made quickly without sacrifice.


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Eat! Drink! at Comfort LA

Comfort LA is the soul food dining experience that Downtown Los Angeles has been missing. We head to the arts district to try the fried chicken, mac and cheese and collard greens of this late night and lazy brunch pop-up. Spoiler alert: It’s really really good.


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Eat! Drink! at Justice Urban Tavern

This week we celebrate Gerren’s Birthday, #DTLA First Sunday’s and our premiere episode at Justice Urban Tavern. In the shadow of city hall, this gastropub offers a small town feel with no lack of flavor. Featuring California beers on tap, and fresh craft cocktails, the team at Justice Urban Tavern offers a unique comfort in the middle of a big city.


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