Eat! Drink! Barcito

South Park stands alone in the micro-neighborhoods of DTLA; at times it feels detached, aloof even, from the rest of the DTLA community, which tends to ebb and flow across the varied “lines” of sectors. But all that is about to change. With the opening of Barcito, the Argentinian inspired bar and grill, South Park has a true neighborhood bar that welcomes residents of South Park (and DTLA at large) with bigger than usual tapas plates and “just right like baby bear’s porridge” cocktail game. Join Gerren and Anthony as they are embraced by the Latin American warmth only an Argentinian local spot can provide


Eat! Drink! Badmaash

What is this badmaasherie! A medley of Flavors; but also mad flavah. Commitment to culinary excellence; but also fidelity to food traditions. Badmaash is all of these at once. This passion project of a family of well-trained Canadian-Indian chefs and industry professionals, combines authentic Indian food with Los Angeles influences, all with a focus on premium ingredients and process, in a casual and fun gastropub environment. Come with us to try Indian food like you’ve never had before.

Episode 36: Kurt Knecht Neighborhood Prosecutor, Dr Wayne Aoki LA Christian Health Centers

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES – The City attorney’s office introduced a neighborhood prosecutor program which focuses on dealing with community issues before the blossom into larger scale crimes. Kurt Knecht, the prosecutor assigned to Central Division has been with the office for nearly two decades.

Kurt Knecht
Kurt Knecht is the Neighborhood Prosecutor assigned to the Central Division. A graduate of UCLA and UCLA Law School, Knecht has over 17 years of experience as a prosecutor for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.). While working in Criminal Division, he prosecuted over 100 jury trials to verdict with cases including Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Driving Under the Influence, Domestic Violence, Vehicular Manslaughter, and Sexual Assault. Since January 2013, Knecht has worked as the Neighborhood Prosecutor for Central Division. In that capacity, he has worked closely with Central Division’s Safer City Initiative (SCI) Officers and Local Service Providers in coordinating homeless outreach. For the past two years he has been a volunteer crisis counselor for Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services.


The Los Angeles Christian Health Centers offer multiple services to patients in and around Skid Row. Dr. Wayne Aoki is the mental health director for the clinic. Dr. Aoki reports that one of the main issues he sees with his patients is trauma either experienced in childhood or as adults. He also points to “disrespect” as one of the main causes of strife as experienced between some of downtowns newest residents and the most downtrodden.

Eat! Drink! 10e Restaurant

This week the guys visit a place that is part “old country” charm and part sophisticated elegance.  “Sexy” is the word that comes to mind when you first enter, but this Middle Eastern eatery is so much more than a pretty face. With authentic Lebanese libations and a commitment to fresh ingredients in every dish, you’ll find yourself eating for hours, throwing back Arak shots and yelling “Sahha” each time you visit.

10e Restaurant is located at 811 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Eat! Drink! Redline DTLA

This week, the guys went to Redline and learned that “DTLA’s Premier Gay Bar” is more than just a tagline. With a relaxing atmosphere, tasty bites, delicious drinks, and a focus on being a “neighborhood bar,” Redline is a great place to hang out with neighbors and friends. So whether you’re part of the LGBT community, an ally, or just want to be “keenly alive and exuberant,” Redline is indeed the place to be! So come meet proprietors Oliver and Zach and prepare to have stereotypes shattered.

Redline DTLA is located at 131 E 6th St in Downtown LA

Eat! Drink! The Stocking Frame

This week the guys have an epic sit-down with Jerry, the owner and visionary of the amazing Stocking Frame. A restaurant/bar/hang-out spot, Stocking Frame is the embodiment of a thousand great life experiences rolled into one sprawling and inspiring space. Simultaneously rustic, hip, elegant and fun, it’s a place that has something comfortable for everyone—with adventures just a menu item away.

Eat! Drink! China Cafe, Las Morelianas

This week Gerren and Anthony go back to the Eat! Drink! Adventureland known as Grand Central Market. After experimenting with some new tenants last trip, they decided to go old school: experiencing the multi-generational ethnic melting pot that is the counter at China Café and getting knee-deep in some hog at Las Morelianas, home of the best carnitas in DTLA. So take a listen and then go get lost for a day at DTLA’s finest open-air culinary experience.


China Cafe

Las Morelianas


Eat! Drink! The Little Easy


The spirit of New Orleans is a concept that is both elusive and intoxicating. Once you’ve visited the crescent city, you find yourself always craving its essence, but rarely, if ever, finding it outside the confines of Louisiana. DTLA’s Little Easy miraculously finds a way to give you a little piece of the French Quarter, while still providing the quality Eat! Drink! experience one expects from a Los Angeles watering hole. Come explore how this Historic Core hidden gem finds a way to bring you authentic (and delicious) Jambalaya and a Hurricane that’s better than anything you’ve had on Bourbon Street.


Little Easy is located at 216 W 5th St Los Angeles, CA 90013


Eat! Drink! Peking Tavern

This week, Gerren and Anthony tackle the one spirit they are completely unfamiliar with: the unique, one of a kind liquor of China—Baijiu. Unlike anything else you’ve ever sipped, this experience can only be had at one place on the entire west coast: Peking Tavern. The brainchild of two friends, Andrew Wong and Andrew Chiu, Peking Tavern aims to recreate a time, place and feeling the two friends shared during their time in Beijing in the 1990s. Inviting, elegant, and down right “homey,” this basement Tavern will blow your mind with its high quality ingredient focus for its “street food,” and the Baijiu cocktails know how to pack a punch. From the high octane spirits, to the delicious dumplings, all the way to spirit of friendship, Peking Tavern defines #FunDining.


Check out these fresh hand-pulled noodles!