Episode 41: Dr. Luann Pannell LAPD Director of Training, Councilmember Jose Huizar’s DTLA Forward


(from her bio)

Dr. Luann Pannell, began her career with LAPD as a Police Psychologist in 2000 and in 2006 was promoted to Director of Police Training and Education by Chief Bratton. In this role she is responsible for the review and evaluation of all LAPD training curricula to ensure relevancy, continuity, and compliance with State and Federal criteria and Department policy. She researches best practices in police training and adult learning to continually improve and advance LAPD training. In keeping with this role, Dr. Pannell led the team responsible for the complete redesign of the LAPD Academy in 2008.

During her tenure as a police psychologist she consulted with a variety of specialized units including Juvenile Division, Scientific Investigation Division, Jail Division, Records and Identification Division, Recruitment and Employment Division, and Scientific Investigation Division. She also responded to SWAT call-outs as a member of the Crisis Negotiation Team and a member of the Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT). As a CIRT member, she assisted LAPD employees in managing their reactions to critical incidents. She participated in ride-a-longs, provided management consultation, and presented training on a variety of issues including stress management and the psychological consequences of constant exposure to violence.


Jose Huizar’s DTLA Forward started las year with council motions to study the implementation of greener alley ways and street scape changes. With the burgeoning population in downtown, walkable, pedestrian friendly streets have become a hot topic. Huizar envisions protected bike lanes in the historic core. The pedestrian head start program which offers a walk sign to pedestrians four seconds ahead of car traffic was be welcomed by many in the neighborhood. The proposed street car for downtown has also been incorporated under the umbrella of DTLA Forward with hopes that Metro’s inclusion of the project as a line item in their R2 ballot measure, combined with other efforts can bring the project to fruition in short order.

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