Episode 38: Assemblymember Miguel Santiago, Neighborhood Council Elections


Miguel Santiago was elected as the representative for California’s 53rd assembly district in November 2014. As a staffer for his predecessor, former Speaker John Pérez, Santiago gained direct experience with the citizens who form his constituency. Santiago also served on the Los Angeles Community College Board helping to pass Measure J; the 3.5 billion dollar bond measure to designed to renovating and building the nine community colleges in the district. This session the assemblymember introduced AB1674 a bill designed to adjust the waiting period currently applied to handguns and apply the law to long guns as well. Santiago also sits on the select committee on homelessness and was present for state senator Kevin De Leon’s announcement to redirect $2 billion towards housing for the homeless.


Los Angeles 96 neighborhood councils were formed to help ensure local engagement in the governance of the city. Established by the city charter in 1999 they councils, neighborhood councils are equipped and empowered to make recommendations to the city council to help voice the concerns of the areas the represent. The councils are coordinated through the Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (http://empowerla.org/). In Downtown, all 27 seats on DLANC are up for election May 5th, 2016. Los Angeles’ Mayor Garcetti has posted a youtube video for more on Neighborhood Council Elections

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