Eat! Drink! Peking Tavern

This week, Gerren and Anthony tackle the one spirit they are completely unfamiliar with: the unique, one of a kind liquor of China—Baijiu. Unlike anything else you’ve ever sipped, this experience can only be had at one place on the entire west coast: Peking Tavern. The brainchild of two friends, Andrew Wong and Andrew Chiu, Peking Tavern aims to recreate a time, place and feeling the two friends shared during their time in Beijing in the 1990s. Inviting, elegant, and down right “homey,” this basement Tavern will blow your mind with its high quality ingredient focus for its “street food,” and the Baijiu cocktails know how to pack a punch. From the high octane spirits, to the delicious dumplings, all the way to spirit of friendship, Peking Tavern defines #FunDining.


Check out these fresh hand-pulled noodles!


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